Let's Spread Smiles Together!

My life's purpose is to make others smile. I once thought I couldn't do anything important because I'm so little, but I've learned you don't have to be big to make a BIG difference in the world. I work to help those of all ages through a kindhearted project I call Norberthood For Good. Everyone who helps me spread smiles is part of the Norberthood! 

Because I’m a mixed breed, there’s only one of me; so I had the idea that a soft, cuddly, huggable plush toy of me could make many people smile. Plus, it would be a daily reminder for them to think of ways to bring smiles to others, too!

And there’s even BIGGER news! I have proudly donated over 4,500 of my Norbert plush toys to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and other charitable causes where they were given to children in need.

The Norbert Plush is a proud recipient of a 2016 Family Choice Award which recognizes and rewards excellence for products, services, resources and leisure activities for today's family.

"We are very pleased to welcome Norberthood for Good as a national corporate donor of the 2016 Marine Toys for Tots Campaign. With their generous support we will be able to fulfill the Christmas holiday dreams of many less fortunate children, who otherwise might be forgotten."

- Retired Marine Colonel Ted Silvester, Vice President of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Norbert Plush


My Mom, Julie Steines (Freyermuth), and I are a registered therapy animal team. For over eight years, we have volunteered at nursing homes, hospitals, special events and schools. My mission as a therapy dog is simple: to spread smiles, inspire kindness and bring comfort to those in need. In addition to my time, I have donated thousands of dollars and Norbert products to charitable causes. Philanthropy is the foundation of the Norberthood.



- Children's Hospital Los Angeles
- Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
- Best Friends Animal Society
- Cure CMT4J
- Be The Match
- Chords2Cure
- Just for Kids Sake Foundation
- One Warm Coat
- Lil BUB's BIG FUND for the ASPCA

Happy Norbie


I am proud and excited to be a volunteer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles as part of their Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program. As a registered therapy animal team, Julie and I visit with children who are sick and in need of comfort and smiles. We also work to help raise money to support the entirely donation-funded program. More info can be found HERE.


for the ASPCA

Through our Kickstarter campaign and the sale of our awesome picture book, Norbert & Lil BUB: What Can Little WE Do?, the famous cat Lil BUB and I have donated over $17,000 to BUB's Big Fund and over 1,800 books to children in need. GOOD JOB BUB. High-Five, Norbert!

To help support my fundraising efforts with a tax-deductible donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program, please visit my personal fundraising page, here:


A huge part of the Norberthood lives on social media. I consider my social media an extension of my work as a registered therapy dog. Click the Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram icons at the bottom of the page for more photos and smiles!

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